Officeroo - Terms of Service

The Officeroo Service

At Officeroo, we strive to create an app that enhances your workplace experience as an employee of a company or community. We intend to achieve this the following ways:

Creating connections between you and your coworkers

By subscribing to the Officeroo Roulettes, you have the yourself the chance to create an encounter with a colleague that otherwise might have not happened. Meeting and getting to know other coworkers is generally regarded as a good way to create a familiar workplace and hence to feel good at work.

Creating a fun and competitive environment at your workplace

The Officeroo League, which we provide for various activities at your workplace, allows you to compare some of your skills to your coworkers in a fun way. These Leagues also create a vibrant social environment with easy access for everyone in your office.

Data and Privacy Policy

In order to provide the Officeroo service, we collect and process data about you. The details of these are outlined in our Privacy Policies. We encourage you to read through them for further information.

Your commitments to Officeroo

We provide you our service to enhance your experience at your workplace. In return however, we need you to make the following commitments towards us:

Who can use Officeroo

In order to create a fun yet trusted app at your office, to use Officeroo you must:

Behaviour within the app

We ask you to always treat the app and its users with respect. In particular, by following our few key rules:

Giving us the permissions we need

In order to run our service, we need you to grant us the following permissions:

Respecting our intellectual properties

Any data and design that can be found in an Officeroo app is an intellectual property of Officeroo.Using or modifying our brand design without Officeroo’s written consent is not permitted. We retain all rights to Officeroo’s intellectual property when used outside of the Officeroo app, except for your personal data.

Further Terms of Service

Updating these Terms of Service

Occasionally we might have to update these Terms of Service. If that happens, we will notify you about the updates via email. You will then be bound to accept the new Terms of Service if you wish to further use our service. Alternatively, you will have to stop using our service.

Deactivation or deletion of account

Officeroo’s mission is to bring joy and fun to workplaces. If we find that you have violated our Terms of Service and acted against our mission, we reserve the right to deactivate or even permanently delete your account.

Limited Liability

We will do our best to provide the best possible app and service. Provided that we have acted with honesty and care, we do not accept any responsibilities for any issues caused by data loss, app downtime, app malfunctioning or app abuse by any Officeroo user.

All other non expressly granted rights

Officeroo reserves all rights that have not be expressed and granted to you in these Terms of Service.

Date of Last Revision: July 10, 2018